Tracy Pinder Counselling MBACP (Accred) Adv. Dip Counsellor based in Cranleigh, Surrey

How I work

My Integrative Approach

As an Integrative Counsellor the way I support you is based on a combination of different
counselling approaches. I may draw on theories from the psychodynamic, humanistic and/
or transpersonal approaches to bring you a therapy that is suited to your individual needs.

Because everyone is different and everyone reacts differently, the integrative approach
allows me to find the best possible way to help you based on your individual needs and

By using the integrative approach, I can identify, for example, how you may be relating
to other people in your life (that you may be unaware of) and it can help to improve

Our environment, relationships and experiences in childhood influence our adult
relationships and who we are today. And in order to positively influence the future, we
need to explore our past.

My Holistic Approach

As a counsellor, I work holistically because there is more to you than just this one problem.

This means I will encourage you to:

• find your strengths
• discover your own answers
• see your challenges from a different perspective
• move forward towards your goals
• find your inner contentment
• build your motivation
• inspire your future aspirations

First Session

In our first session I will ask you about your past and present situations. We will talk about any hopes and goals you have for the future. Then we will talk about the kind of support network you have and explore some of the deeper issues.

The first session helps me to:

• determine if we can work together
• decide on the best way for us to work together
• manage the pace and depth of our sessions

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